Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If They Could See Us Now


Oh, if they could see us now.
What would they say?
My heart is heavy and filled with shame.
As they say, “they would be turning in their graves if they could see us now.”
My heart is heavy and filled with shame.
I beg for forgiveness because I was an ignorant fool.
I was blinded by freedoms’ empty promises; ungrateful, non deserving of what so many have fought and died for.
So many hungered and thirst after the knowledge I pushed away. They saw it, they knew it would come a day and some even “had a dream” of this very day, when freedom, knowledge and the freedom to pursue this knowledge would be so readily available. Who knew that only few would take advantage?
I beg for forgiveness.
How dare I say to God how grateful I am?
How can I truly be grateful?
I cannot even imagine; my mind cannot conceive of the miseries and tortures of the soul.
Yet for five long years I pushed knowledge away.
I turned my back on my calling.
Turned my head and rolled my eyes at my people.
We are full today so we do not thirst or hunger for the knowledge. Thus we perish.
We drown and then we drown some more, and we don’t even have the sense to learn how to swim.
What holds us back?
Grips us and pulls us away from the truth.
Will we ever truly overcome?
We did it before.
We are free now, from the chains that were on our hands and feet.
Now we need to be freed from the chains of our hearts and minds.

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