Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i love looking in your eyes ,
their my sky ,
i enjoy the scenery .
its my favorite place to visit in the world ,
i dare not leave ,
i love the venue ,
i take my time looking over your menu .
enjoy the moments ,
taking in glory ,
want to hear your story .
love how they flutter ,
makes my heart stuttter and my words mutter .
the deeper i venture
the more you make this heart melt ,
like butter , your warmest is heart felt .
smile drives me wild ,
i cant help but be drawn closer to gaze .
your hotter than the sun ,
but your haze ,
got me in a daze ,
i cant help but be in a craze .
your all that i crave ,
i want to be close to touch ,
but i am afraid to rush ,
and get holes burned through my hoping lust .
my ozone is crushed seeing my advances hushed .
i cant help but lust ,
looking deep in your eyes with trust

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