Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Trying to find a reason behind this so called thing called life

Trying to forgive but you can forget forgetting

Trying to find love while reaching goals

Trying to raise kids right

Trying to be smart funny and attractive

Be a go getter, home-maker, a student, an entrepreneur

Trying, trying, trying

Trying to answer the age old question…who am i?

I asked myself that question at the tender age of 12

I thought I found the answer, but here I stand again

Knocking at heavens door begging for an answer

How did I get in this mess

Trying to get out of it

Trying to dig myself out of the grave I dug for myself

Trying to re-make this bed I made

I cant turn back the hands of time

Gotta work with the cards Ive been dealt

Who can I run to?

Trying to answer these questions I see to ask everyday?


Why am I here?

Why did I make that decision?

What can I do to make things better?

The more I search the less I find?

My questions don’t even make sense

I wake up sometimes with a clear mission but by midday I lose focus

Maybe I just shouldn’t care

I wanna spend more time on what I know in my heart is ME

But obligations, responsibilities, choices, stand in my way

What to do?

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