Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Your Free

You’re free from worry and frustration that I might have brought.

You’re free from torment and confusion you sought.
I am no longer a burden to resist.
Nor am I another name on your list.
You’re free to go and do as you please.
Free to sleep with happiness and ease.
I don’t know what kind of man you’d thought you would be when you played and disrespected me.
I so carefully gave thought to the good times we saw.
And realized they out weighted the disappointments and every flaw.
My eyes were covered and unable to see the TRUTH.
And when it was revealed I would have never thought, YOU!
The frustration, the bitter anger I felt was nothing to compare to the thoughts that kept me haunted by night and afraid by day.
But it must be Gods will that you not stay.
So I will count it all joy with neither tear’s or sorrow for I know that joy is coming in the tomorrows’



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