Tuesday, December 14, 2010



LOVE where are you?
Why do you hide from me?
Why do you play these games?
If you knew how much I needed you, if you could only see, feel and understand my desperate need for you in my life.
Like air to my lungs I need for you to fill me up. I hunger and thirst for you.
Like a dying delicate flower dependent on earths’ natural food.
Sunlight, rain and a cool breeze, with these things it grows beautiful everyday.
LOVE with you I can shine,
LOVE with you I can smile,
LOVE with you I can dance a foolish dance; I can cry a lovers cry.

LOVE with your arms wrapped around me the forces of evil will not prevail.

Oh, LOVE where are you?
Why do you hide from me?
I need you. I pray for you, I yearn for you.
LOVE, don’t abandon me. Don’t you dare say that I’ve had my turn, don’t you dare leave me here with the loveless.
I don’t belong in their world, alone, betrayed, wounded, and full of HATE, your enemy.
I don’t want to be one of your castaways.
I need one more chance, I need one more breath. Many a pretenders have come my way. They walk the walk, they talk the talk, but I know your touch, I know your smile,
I remember your touch and it didn’t leave me lonely in the morning.
LOVE you were there for me all through the night, you held me and cradled me in your warm arms. And when you wasn’t I dreamed of you and was comforted, I slept peacefully. And when I awoke there you were ready to greet me with a beautiful day.

LOVE, I miss you. If I had your number I would call you everyday. If I knew your email address I would write to you, in fact I would send you this poem. Love, I don’t much care what shape or form you come in I just want you back.


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